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Shanghai Pudong Jinhuan Medical Products Co., Ltd. 

Shanghai Pudong Jinhuan Medical Products Co., Ltd. (Jinhuan) was established in 1993, Jinhuan is a professional company in Single-Used Medical Device. The company, which covers 8,000 square meters including a 2,800-square-meter 100,000 class clean room, stands in the BeiCai Industry Area of Huangpu River. 

The main products of Jinhuan are single-used medical devices, such as Non-absorbable Surgical Suture,Surgical Suture with Needle Attachment (Non- absorbable Surgical Suture and Absorbable Surgical Suture, Medical Sewing Needle, Medical Assemble Needle,Scalpel Blade, Bone Steel Needle, Disposable Uretra-catheter Packet, Single-use Puncture Set for Local Anaesthesia andSingle-use I.V. Cannula etc.

Jinhuan has been certified for its international quality control system according to the requirements of GB/T19001-2000, ISO9001:2000, YY/T0287-2003, ISO13485:2003 and MDD93/42/EEC,Annex I. Surgical Suture with Needle Attachment (Absorbable Surgical Suture), Non-absorbable Surgical Suture with/without Needle Attachment and Sterile Scalpel Blade have been certified by CE certification, and Medical Sewing Needle, Medical Scalpel Blade and Surgical Suture with Needle Attachment have been certified by CMD certification.

We have been awarded by the government for serveral times Because of our high quality and good service. We won the honor as "Shanghai Civilization Company" twice, got the prize as "Shanghai Credit Medical Device Company" in 2005. The Surgical Suture with Needle (Absorbable Surgical Suture) has gotten the certificate as "Shanghai High Technical Products-Class A". In August,2006, Jinhuan got the certificate for both "Top Contract Credit Company In Shanghai" and "Taxation Credit Company" by local government.


In order to accepting new challenge after entering WTO and developing better, Jinhuan will continue to insist on our quality requirement principle, which is "FOR THE SAFETY OF PATIENTS' LIFES" to satisfy our customers all the time. We promise that you are assured to be provided with high quality products an perfect service from us. We, the Jinhuan people, desire to cooperate with you to make a beautiful tomorrow.


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